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The law governing unit titles is substantially different to the law when buying freehold property.

According to the MBIE, the Unit Titles Act 2010 is the law governing building developments where multiple owners hold a type of property ownership known as a unit title. This combination of individual and shared ownership of property means owning a unit title entails a separate set of rights and responsibilities compared to owning freehold property.

Rainey Collins Wright has many years of professional experience buying and selling on behalf of body corporates, body managers and individual buyers and sellers. Our lawyers have expertise in all aspects of body corporate law. Our knowledge includes advising unit owners in relation to their rights and obligations, buyers in relation to their purchases, and vendors in relation to the sales process.

We can provide professional legal advice relating to all aspects and complex areas of the Unit Titles Act. Whether you are a purchaser, vendor, body corporate or developer we can help you with queries regarding:

  • Compliance with the Unit Titles Act 2010
  • Buying or selling an apartment or unit
  • Advice on Unit Owner’s rights and obligations
  • Repair and maintenance obligations
  • Management agreements
  • Disputes
  • Long term maintenance plans
  • Advice on Body Corporate governance issues and rules
  • Body Corporate’s rights and obligations

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